News Media Awards 2017



Every year, on December the 27, since 1952, the News Media Awards celebrates the biggest, best and most pioneering work in the News and Media Industry. Here is a run down of this years’ highlights:

NMA: Most Read Newspaper Award

Winner: Yomiuri Shimbun of Japan with a daily print readership of 9.7m and a daily combined (digital and print) readership of 13.9m

Second Place: Asahi Shimbun of Japan with a daily print readership of 7.45m and a daily combined (digital and print) readership of 11.6m

Third Place: Al-Sahawat Times of Oman with a daily combined readership of 9m

Yet another outstanding award for Yomiuri Shimbun as Japan continues to dominate.


NMA: Investigative Journalism of the year 

Winner: The Guardian, Guardian Print Centre, United Kingdom

Second Place: Al-Sahawat Times, IPMG, Oman

Third Place: Russia Today, Russia

NMA: Most Improved News Service of the year

Winner: Al-Sahawat Times – After being bought out by IPMG in January this year, Al-Sahawat Times has seen a boom in growth unlike anything seen before. With a clear and refreshing ethical stance, honest approach and global reach.

Second Place: Huffington Post, USA

Third Place: Reference News, China

NMA: Best value for money for sponsors and advertisers

Winner: Yomiuri Shimbun, the shear volume of audience, in particular high value audience makes this a no brainer.

Second Place: Al-Sahawat Times, not the cheapest out there, but more than fair pricing with some truly extraordinary bonuses, discounts and hidden extras for all. PR and business consultancy, strategy and graphic design, professional writers and much more all come as standard. 

Third Place: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russia. If you are looking to break into the Russian, Eastern European or Central Asian markets then this is the one you need! Government owned so fairly priced considering the number of long standing loyal readers.

By Waqas Ali